TOEFLのリスニング対策法 ~ tips ① ~

TOEFL itpについて書きます



リスニングパートは 3つ(PARTA、PARTB、PARTC)に分かれていて

まずはPARTA 重視に解説します





get a grip on        ~を把握する

Ex. She can't get a grip on mathmatics.

as it turned out,....       結局のところ

Ex. As it turned out, I won the baseball game.

You dont't say (so) !       まさか

fall on       ~(の日)にあたる

Ex. The day fall on the same day I take exam.

That being the case,        そういう事情で

Ex.That being the case, you might want to go to the university.


give .... a buzz = give .... a call    電話をかける

Ex. I'll give you a buzz right away.

have 人 call me     人にいって私に電話してもらう 

Ex.  She is away now. Do you have her call me if she is there?

call on 人 ,    call at 場所


Ex. Let me call on you and then call at the university.

give me a lift = give me a ride      車で送る

Ex. Do you mind giving me a lift?

hit the books      勉強する

Ex. Why don't you hit the books ?

(hit には、おそらく"突発的にはじめる"というニュアンスがある)

hit the road       出発する

Ex. Let us hit the road.

luck out      運よくうまくいく

Ex. I lucked out last year.

(My luck ran out     運はつきた)

I'll say.      まったく

Ex. So, I'll say. it was crappy.

second to none      だれにも劣らない

Ex. You are swcond to none about English.

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